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Located in Ottawa Ontario, Homes for Paws is an all volunteer not for profit, dog rescue dedicated to rescuing dogs on death row. Our goal is to place the dogs we rescue into loving forever homes. We do not have a shelter, all dogs are placed in separate volunteer foster homes within Ottawa-Gatineau until an adoption match is found. Adoption fees are $375.00 for senior dogs (8 years and older), $450.00 for adult dogs (1 year and older) and $500.00 for young dogs (less than 1 year old). The Adoption fee is non negotiable and non refundable. All dogs have been vetted and the fee  includes spay/neuter. In the case that said animal is too young to be altered at the time of adoption, adopters are responsible to get the animal altered within the first year of owning the pet. Our adoption fee also includes age appropriate vaccines including Rabies, deworming, flea preventative and microchip.
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Available for Adoption

Bobby - Available!

Meet Bobby! Bobby is a 1 year old chihuahua mix that arrived to us from a hoarding situation with little socialization with people! He is the sweetest little thing. Although he is quite afraid of people, he has a heart of gold. His trust needs to be gained, and his foster is working every day to make sure he learns people have lots of love to give. When he first arrived, he had no idea what a leash was or how to walk on one, but he caught on very quickly. While very timid, he is very curious and stays close by to see what his people are up to while he thinks they’re not looking. He finds lots of comfort in having a canine companion, and has had so much fun learning how to play. For this reason, he would do best in a home with other dogs, big or small. As far as potty training goes, he seems to be pretty good at keeping his business outside as long as a routine is in place. He is not sure how to say when he needs to go outside, but is excited to run out the door and soak in the sun in the backyard. A fenced yard would be best as he is most comfortable with open space. He is crate trained and likes to spend time in there with a bone to chew even when the door is open. Bobby needs a quiet home with lots of patience, and lots of yummy treats! Don’t miss out on meeting Bobby, his goofy and adorable personality will have you hooked!

Merlin - Available!

Meet Merlin! 🐕 Merlin is a beautifully coloured heeler mix. One look into his soulful eyes and your heart will melt! He has adapted well in his foster home & loves the snow - he can’t wait to get outside and play with you! Merlin is a very good boy who aims to please. He is still working on his manners but he is eager to learn and seeks approval. Merlin is a high energy dog who would love a job such as agility, fly ball or tick training. He loves long walks and he would make a great jogging partner. He is new to the concept of toys but is gradually learning to play and work for treats. He can sometimes be reactive on leash but should get better with proper guidance and training. Though it takes him a few minutes to fully warm up to people, Merlin loves being around his humans. Once he has warmed up, he will follow you to the ends of the earth. If it were up to him, he would spend the whole day cuddling. When watching television together, Merlin likes to lean on his people while he enjoys the show. Merlin would do best in an active home with someone who has experience with herding breeds. He might be able to live with a patient dog but no young children or cats. He does bark a bit when left alone, but he settles down quickly and likes the television or radio left on for him! Merlin is UTD on vaccinations, neutered, dewormed and microchipped.

Dumpling - Available!

Dumpling is one of our dogs that arrived from Texas on March 2nd! Dumpling has had a rough life so far - he was left outside unattended tied on a line and as a result, the rope wrapped around his foot so tightly it caused a lack of blood flow to his foot and required amputation. Despite his rough past, Dumpling has settled into his loving foster home and is now looking for his furever home! Dumpling is a 2 year old Daschund mix who is loving and loves to gives kisses! Dumpling is a delight to have around. He is great with kids and animals in our home. His foster family has another dog, a cat and 2 bunnies. He seems very curious and he seems mostly crate trained. He cries alot and needs some serious snuggles. He is still learning to work with his missing leg but does very well. He pees outside but has issues with pooping indoors. Given the proper time and attention, he will be a great addition to any home and family! He is generally a chill guy who wants to be where everyone is! A big love bug!! Dumpling is UTD on vaccinations, neutered, dewormed and microchipped

Marcus - Available!

Marcus is a 9 month old 4lb chihuahua. He was found as a stray in Texas with a telephone cord around his neck. But regardless of his past, he loves people! He is the sweetest little guy and absolutely loves to be held and cuddled. Marcus is good with people and other dogs and would likely be fine with cats. He is pee pad trained and sleeps through the night. Marcus does cry when first left, but settles down after a few minutes. Because of his size, Marcus would be best suited for a home with children 16 and over. He has been diagnosed with grade 2 luxating patella's on both hinds and would benefit from staying on fish oil/glucosamine longterm and could require surgery in the future. If youre looking for your next best friend, Marcus is your guy! 🐕🐾 Marcus is UTD on vaccines, dewormed, neutered, heartworm tested (negative) and microchipped.

Keke - Available!

Keke is a x month old chihuahua mix that arrived to us from Texas. She is sassy and sweet. Although she is fearful of new people, Keke quickly settled into her loving foster home. She loves being scratched, having her tummy rubbed, and giving kisses! She is a champion cuddler and loves to curl up next to her foster family on the couch. Keke is a very smart girl and has quickly learned basic commands like sit and no. She is still not sure about all the white stuff on the ground but she’s becoming more adventurous every time we head outside, especially if her foster brother is with her. Her trust needs to be gained, and her foster family is working every day to make sure she learns people have lots of love to give. She is frightened at first and will bark at newcomers, but calms down with some reassurance and some treats. Keke enjoys having a canine companion, and has been learning how to play with her 80 lb foster brother. She is happy to learn by following his example, she would benefit from having another confident dog in her forever home. Keke can be possessive over food and will growl if her foster brother approaches her bowl, so she prefers to dine alone. She is learning that she no longer needs to worry about food security. As far as potty training goes, she has been making excellent progress and is now consistently using pee-pads when she has to go. Her foster family is working towards moving potty time outdoors. She is crate trained and settles in quickly for a good night’s sleep. Keke needs a quiet home with lots of patience, and lots of yummy treats! Watching her grow and learn to trust is very rewarding! Once you earn her trust she will never ever leave from beside you. Keke is UTD on vaccines, spayed, dewormed and microchipped

Halle - Available!

I'm Halle! I’m a 10 month old shepherd mix who came all the way from Texas after being found as a stray. I'm a super friendly pup and I love being around other dogs and humans! My foster family have been working with me on potty training and I'm coming along nicely! I'm a pretty nervous dog and I don't like going on walks just yet - I find the outside very over stimulating so my future family will need to have lots of patience to get my confidence up! I love kids! I'm ok with cats (dog-savvy cats that is) and would like a home with at least one other dog to keep me relaxed and help build my confidence! Halle is UTD on vaccines, spayed, dewormed and microchipped

Honey - Available!

Honey is a 1 and a 1/2 year old terrier mix from Texas! Honey is sweet girl who is very shy and timid, but warms up quickly to people. She loves to be held and cuddled close! She gets along with dogs and will tell them off in need be. Shes not shy in that department! She hasn't been exposed to cats yet! She has met an 8 year old boy and she was a bit jumpy especially when the child made a sudden movement so she is best suited in a home with kids over 12 years old. She doesn't have any commands down yet, but given her situation, it's going to take a bit more training than a younger pup. Overall, honey would do well in a home with another dog or even as an only dog! She definitely is a lap dog. She is mostly house trained but with a consistent training routine, we don’t think it’ll take long for her to be completely trained! She also does well on leash! 💕🐾 Honey is UTD on vaccines, spayed, dewormed and microchipped

Buddy - Available!

Buddy is a 5 year old dachshund mix with lots of love to give. He will be there wagging his tail the moment you walk in the door ! He loves to cuddle up on the couch all day, as well going on walks! He has a very calm personality and gets along with people of all ages. He isn't too fond of cats , and with other dogs, he can be a little wary of at first. So a proper introduction and a home with dogs who understand space would be ideal for Buddy! Buddy is fully house and crate trained 🐾💕 Buddy is heartworm treated and will be leaving with a heartworm contract. He will need to be retested for heartworm in 8 months. Buddy is UTD on vaccines, neutered, dewormed and microchipped

Harley - Available!

Harley is a 1 and a half year old Keeshond mix and he is looking for his forever home! He is 45 pounds and full of beans. He will need an active home and would love a back yard to explore, but would be fine in an apartment with the right amount of exercise. Harley is best suited for a house without other animals or with an owner experienced in resource guarding. He resource guards his food and bones from other dogs, but is happy to share his toys and play chase, and doesn’t guard anything from his human friends! He plays a bit rough so larger dogs would be best. Harley will need some help with his manners as he gets super excited to meet everyone he sees! Harley is house trained, crate trained and hasn’t barked once since arriving at the beginning of March. He walks well on a leash and enjoys spending time outdoors. He loves attention and asks for lots of pets and play. He has a big, bubbly personality that is sure to make you smile.

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Aro now Oreo

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Zoey now Chloe Adopted!

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Adopted by Kelly, John & fur sisters ms marple and penny


Adopted by Desireah & family and fur brother Goose!! (Previously Goofy and adopted from Homes for Paws!)


Adopted by Andrea and Brant.


Adopted by Petra, Jeff and Andrew.

How Can I Help?

As a volunteer-based, non-profit organization that receives no government funding, HFP relies entirely on the support of friends in the community to sustain its operations and programs. We encourage you to join us! Some of the ways you can help are listed below:

Food and medical are provided by HFP. Dogs are available for adoption first to their foster home. We ask that all foster parents be dedicated to caring for our rescues until a permanent adoptive home is found. We try to eliminate the dog from being moved from home to home. Remember that the dogs we rescue have all ready been through a lot!

Many of our rescued dogs need special care, such as surgeries or other extensive medical treatment. 
 We rely completely on donations and for this reason have an easy way for you to help! Click the Donate button on the Home Page which allows you to donate money to help a dog at HFP. 

The dogs thank you from the bottom of their hearts for your generosity!

How Can I Help? How Can I Help?


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Does Your Dog Jump?

Does Your Dog Jump?

Let’s face it, dogs get so excited to see their humans sometimes they cannot contain their excitement and jump all over you (Or your guests)! Follow these simple tips and tricks to train your dog not to jump! It is essential that we train our dogs the right way and always reward positive behaviour 🐾🐕

Dogs Die in Hot Cars!

Dogs Die in Hot Cars!

When the thermometer soars, a parked car can quickly become a furnace, endangering an animal’s life, and making the owner liable to criminal charges. When is it too hot? When a heat advisory is issued, it applies to animals as well. Even on a relatively mild day, temperatures in parked cars can become dangerous in a matter of minutes. Opening or lowering the windows does little or nothing to slow this process. With only hot air to breathe, a dog’s normal cooling process – panting – doesn’t work. A dog can withstand internal body temperatures of 40°C for only a few minutes before brain damage or death can occur. The older or more vulnerable the animal, the more susceptible they are to heatstroke or something worse.

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Heartworm FAQ Sheet

Heartworm FAQ Sheet

Heartworms are a variety of roundworm with the clinical name dirofilaria immitis. They are spread by mosquitoes. Dogs can only get heartworm disease through infected mosquitoes. They can't get it from other dogs or other types of animals, from dog feces, or from their mothers while in the womb or through nursing. The mosquito bites an animal infected with heartworms. This mosquito then bites your dog. When the larvae reach stage L4-L5, which takes three to four months, under the right conditions they can travel via your dog's bloodstream to the lungs and heart.

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  • Ottawa, ON, Canada
  • Homes for Paws Dog Rescue is "foster" based which means that a dog in our care is placed in a loving family environment. We rely on volunteer foster homes throughout Ottawa-Gatineau to care for our rescued dogs until adopted.